Interfaculty Graduate School of Innovative and Practical Studies

Credits Required for Completion

Degree Program: Credits Required for Completion

① Courses common to the Interfaculty Graduate School of Innovative and Practical Studies: at least 3 credits

Groups of lectures provided by many faculty members for students to develop an understanding of human beings and learn about advanced data science techniques

Basics of Humanities and Social Sciences I,II

Obtain an overview of society, industry, culture, art, science, etc., and understand them generally as human behavior.

Basics of Information Technology I,II

Obtain an overview of AI, IoT, information system, information security, data science, mathematical science, statistics, etc., and understand the techniques used in these fields.

② Prerequisite courses: No more than 4 credits

To obtain basic knowledge in areas that you have not studied before joining the program, you can select courses from among the YNU courses numbered 3000 or under and attend them, and join a seminar with your supervisors to utilize what you have learned for your own research.

③ Specialized education courses: At least 22 credits

Groups of lectures and seminars designed to provide themed education, so that students can learn according to their research themes.

Lecture courses: At least 12 credits

Select courses from the group designated by the degree program.

Seminars: At least 4 credits

Students develop the expected knowledge in the degree program while learning to set research themes and explore the methods to solve them.

Workshops: At least 1 credit

Students give presentations on their research results, going beyond the scope of their research themes.

Internship: 0 credits or more

Students take part in internships in companies, local governments, etc., inside or outside Japan to have real-life experience of social implementation.

④ Creation of a dissertation: Master’s thesis

Earn a total of 30 credits and obtain at least one certificate of completion.

Degree Program: Requirements for the Certificate

Those who have completed specialized education courses in accordance with the following conditions can have certificates of completion issued for their research themes:

  • Earn at least one credit from the courses common to the Interfaculty Graduate School of Innovative and Practical Studies in both fields (Basics of Humanities and Social Sciences/Basics of Information Technology).
  • From the research theme column, earn at least two credits each from courses marked with ◎ for a total of eight credits or more, and at least one credit from courses marked with 〇.
  • Earn at least two credits from seminars for the research theme for which you are planning to obtain a certificate of completion.