Interfaculty Graduate School of Innovative and Practical Studies


Diploma Policy

We shall confer a Master of Philosophy degree on those who widely understand human and social behavior; have good knowledge about advanced mathematics, data science, and information technology; have developed the specialized knowledge required for their own research theme; have produced research results contributing to the construction, maintenance, and enhancement of Society 5.0; have compiled them into a Master’s thesis; and have passed the final examination.

Curriculum Policy

Common introductory courses are provided by many faculty members as compulsory electives to give students an understanding of human beings and knowledge concerning mathematical and data science techniques. The program also offers a wide spectrum of specialized lecture courses, so that students can search them for the knowledge they require to explore their own research themes, as well as prerequisite courses that allow them to consolidate their foundations in areas that they have not studied. Each student works to integrate their knowledge through seminars and workshops, sets a theme related to Society 5.0 by themselves, and carries out research to find a solution or present their recommendations.

Admission Policy

Those who have an extensive interest in humans and society and are willing to engage in studies that integrate humanities and science by taking advantage of mathematics, data science, and information technology are urged to join the program, irrespective of whether their background is in humanities or science. In particular, we welcome applicants who wish to put what they have learned into practice in real-life settings or industrial work sites.