Interfaculty Graduate School of Innovative and Practical Studies

Applied AI

What is Applied AI?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a technology in which machines perform some intellectual activities of human beings, such as inference and learning. The implementation of digital transformation (DX) to improve human lives through a wider application of IT technologies is growing in recent years, and AI has been implemented in a wide variety of scenes as an effective tool, with attempts being made to take advantage of it in real-life settings. This is known as applied AI.

Research Theme: Applied AI

What are students expected to learn?

Students learn the mathematical techniques required to analyze the principles of AI and develop an understanding of applications of AI based on the principles. They also learn examples of how AI is utilized in a vast range of fields, clarify what should be done to implement AI in specific corporate and municipal settings, learn the advantages and challenges of such implementation, and consider the relationship between AI and people and society. Building upon the above, they carry out research, for example to analyze specific companies, propose AI technologies that can be used, clarify the specific advantages of using such technologies, and find out about their limitations and challenges.

What kind of people does the program aim to nurture?

The program aims to develop human resources who are equipped with extensive knowledge about AI and other advanced technologies, including IoT and information systems, and can come up with ideas to apply these technologies in real-life social and industrial settings.

Career prospects after completing the program

Students can gain employment with companies in many different fields that need AI applications, and as IT consultants, database engineers, image technicians, sound technicians, logistics manager, web service engineers, and many more.