Interfaculty Graduate School of Innovative and Practical Studies

Global Governance

What is Global Governance?

The theme of global governance is about exploring ways to resolve global problems in the international community, which is becoming increasingly complex and diverse. The goal of this research theme is to develop a wide scope of knowledge and practical skills under the keywords of international law, maritime law, international cooperation policy, growth of developing and emerging countries, ocean development, etc., under the supervision of faculty members from a broad range of fields.

Research Theme: Global Governance

What are students expected to learn?

Students learn how to form global standards and rules concerning international public properties and develop knowledge about maritime projects and the growth of emerging and developing countries in order to deal with global issues that are difficult to resolve at the national level. At the same time, they learn the mathematical and data science techniques required to analyze Big Data on a global scale. Building upon the above, they carry out research to broaden their horizons both at the global and local level, attempt to establish specific policies and create policy innovation, and clarify the advantages and challenges.

What kind of people does the program aim to nurture?

The program aims to develop specialists who have extensive knowledge about the growth of emerging and developing countries and maritime affairs, and the ability to put theories into practice.

Career prospects after completing the program

Students can gain employment as international organization employees, international consultants, development consultants, maritime specialists, government employees, NGO employees, etc.