Interfaculty Graduate School of Innovative and Practical Studies

Mature Society

What is Mature Society?

As society matures, what challenges do we face, and how should we react and behave in response? The purpose of this theme is to explore a mature society, as well as associated challenges and possibilities.

People are starting to live up to 100 years old as a result of a rapid rise in longevity, so it has become an urgent task to create a society that genuinely respects diversity, to change our values, and to create new ones. Although this theme includes the diverse lifestyles, learning styles, and working styles of various individuals, such as elderly people, people with disabilities, women, LGBTQ people, and foreign nationals, as well as the universal design and safety engineering that support them, it also goes beyond these topics. Interdisciplinary research that crosses the boundaries of different disciplines across the humanities and sciences is done to consider legal policies that can respond effectively to rapid social transformations and come up with new theoretical frameworks that contribute to solving the challenges faced by a mature society.

Research Theme: Mature Society

What are students expected to learn?

Students learn the rapid changes that occur in a society that has achieved growth and is maturing, and develop an understanding of the challenges that arise in such a society based on legal knowledge. In addition, they learn mathematics and data science, and how to form evidence to resolve challenges. Building upon the above, students carry out research contributing to the creation of an environment suitable for this new era in which people live up to 100 years old and the establishment of the necessary social systems by proposing new evidence-based legal policies with the goal of creating a mature society that respects the diversity in individuals and the society.

What kind of people does the program aim to nurture?

The program aims to develop people who can use their imagination and creativity to think of realistic and innovative evidence-based legal policies to address challenges resulting from rapid changes in local communities that are maturing.

Career prospects after completing the program

Students can gain employment with organizations that are involved with local communities or other organizations serving the public good, and as local government employees, national government employees, social entrepreneurs, NPO employees, etc.